1 - About Vacuum storage and VacuVita (9)

Can you store food that normally needs to be refrigerated or frozenat higher temperatures with the VacuVita?


This is dangerous and could cause food poisoning.

Food that needs to be refrigerated without vacuum packaging still needs to be refrigerated or should be put in the freezer for even longer storage. Coveros are perfectly suitable for this purpose.

The VacuVita system should only be used for for regular room temperature shelf storage. Expiration dates are extended, but vacuum storage is not a substitution for cool storage and it does not change the meaning of storage prescriptions indicated on the original package.


Why store food in a vacuum?

Food spoilage is caused by microorganisms. A lot of microorganisms like yeasts and fungi need oxygen to live. By removing the oxygen we reduce the growth of certain microorganisms. The VacuVita removes oxygen and light (also a cause of growth for microorganisms) from your food. When you store food in a vacuum and then in the freezer, you remove almost all the causes for food spoilage. The Covero in combination with the VacuVita is ideal for this.

What is a VacuVita?

VacuVita is an easy to use kitchen application that allows you to quickly store food in a vacuum. A video explaining the VacuVita can be found here.

Which items can I store in the VacuVita?

The VacuVita can be used to significantly extend the expiration date (3-5 times) of food which does not necessarily have to be cooled below 7 °C. The VacuVita works perfectly for:

Dry foods, especially convenient for:

- cookies
- bread
- uncooked rice and pasta
- coffee/tea
- pastries
- nuts, and crisp, savoury snacks
- crackers

Fresh produce, like:

- lettuce
- tomato
- cucumber
- potatoes
- bell pepper
- carrots
- green beans
- avocados
- corn
- radish
- other vegetables
- many types of herbs*

Most fruits & tropical fruits like:

- banana
- apple
- melon
- pineapple
- avocado
- lemon
- mango
- Most berry-types
- other soft fruits.

Many more types of food which only have to be kept dry and/or slightly cooled**

The VacuVita will enhance storage life in any case, though the effectiveness will much higher if on-package storage instruction are followed.

*See the following link for herb vacuum sealing instructions: http://www.ehow.com/how_6143103_vacuum-seal-herbs.html

**For more information on any type of food and their storage guidelines, please go to: http://www.fmi.org/consumer/foodkeeper

Can the VacuVita system be stored in the fridge?

No, the VacuVita itself, which is the bottom of a Large Covero with the VacuVita lid (system) on top, is not designed to be stored in the fridge because it contains electrical parts that should not be exposed to humid surroundings, because of danger of electrocution.

The Coveros with their regular lids will serve this purpose and can be conveniently used in the fridge or freezer.

What is a Covero?

A Covero is an additional vacuum sealable storage container for use with the VacuVita. It can be used to store vacuum sealed food in the freezer, fridge or pantry. You can remove the air from a Covero by using the vacuum tube from a VacuVita.

What can be stored inside the Coveros?

The Coveros can be used for basically any kind of food that you want to store on medium- to long-term basis. They can be used as regular storage boxes with a vacuum or within the fridge or freezer, to save food which has to be cooled. Most foods can be vacuumed.

Exceptions are soft cheese, mushrooms, and garlic.
Also vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussels sprouts should first be blanched, dried and frozen.

If you are unsure if your food type can be stored inside the Covero you can send an e-mail to info@vacuvita.com and we will help you out.

For an indication of improved expiration times, please consult the table on http://vacuvita.com/shop/vacuum

How do I get to know what I stored inside which container?

Different colored containers as well as 3 different sizes will primarily suit this need. On top of this, ideas on the development of transparent containers and automatic tracking systems will soon be implemented. These features will enhance the tracking routine even further. Updates will be posted and listed in the FAQ under a new feature section as soon as the new products become available.

Why does VacuVita produce opaque containers?

Photodegradation occurs when the absorption of light directly causes a chemical reaction in a constituent in the food, or when light indirectly causes a reaction in a second constituent by its effect on the first one. Photodegradation usually affects specific components in food, such as pigments, vitamins, fats and proteins. Absorption of light can cause food to develop off-flavors and lose or change color. It can also cause vitamin loss.

Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/523460-does-light-affect-how-fast-foods-spoil/#ixzz2Je9dSQtm

2 – Crowd funding (3)

What are the terms and conditions of the VacuVita crowd funding project?

VacuVita follows the crowd funding terms and conditions described on this site. All crowd funders should be aware of these terms and conditions before they participate. All sales through our website (www.vacuvita.com), during the crowd funding period, will be subjected to the terms and conditions which can be found here.

How much money does VacuVita need in order to succeed to produce the vacuVita systems?

VacuVita already surpassed the Indiegogo goal of $ 75,000 with almost 500%. Hence, production will definitely take place. The remaining time until delivery will be used to extend the crowdfunding campaign and continue with pre-launch sales over here.

Popularity is till growing and we see the need to offer some attractive discounts, for those who did not get the chance to make use of the first crowdfunding round. Also people who were hesitant to buy extra Coveros and VacuVita systems for friends and family get an extra opportunity to make a contribution before prices are set to normal. They will now invest in an even more promising VacuVita.

To add to the list VacuVita will turn out to bring you even greater benefits because of the goal-based bonuses, which can be read about in detail at the bottom of this page. Additional investments from this 2nd crowfdfunding period will be used to implement these enhanced features and enable us to respond to many add-on requests that came out of our survey.

Can I get my money back?

In principal, VacuVita follows the crowd funding terms and conditions. All crowd funders should be aware of these terms and conditions before they participate. Since we are in a crowdfunding stage refunds are inapplicable until delivery starts. Exceptions may apply per country. Upon roll-out we will comply with the legal provisons of the country of shipment. For question and remarks please send an e-mail to salessupport@vacuvita.com

3 – Ordering and Delivery (4)

When can I expect my delivery?

The expected delivery date is 31 December. In the meantime we will keep you updated on production processes. At time of transportation we will send a track and trace code for your package. Please check this questions fro a detailed roll-out schedule.

Do I get something in return for waiting?

We greatly appreciate our customers who made all this possible. We would therefore like to offer the people who just missed out on the first campaign a chance to still buy our product for attractively discounted prices.

Furthermore, the extra time enabled us to do additional research on customer requirements. Features like vacuum bag suitability, (semi)-transparent containers, and additional colours may likely be added in the near future.

Track & Trace

At the time we will send the VacuVita you will receive a track and trace number by mail.

4 - Technical Specifications (12)

What is the lifetime of the VacuVita?

We aim for a durable system that lasts for 10 years at minimum. Of course we don’t have user experience yet, but we know which existing parts we use and they have already been tested. The system comes with the warranty that is legally common in your region.

Is the system noisy, when in use?

No, we developed the system keeping in mind that noise is minimized. We know there are systems in the market that make a lot of noise and you just don’t want this in your kitchen or living room.

What size is the VacuVita?

Sizes can deviate a little bit in the final production process, but this won’t be much. The outer size of the Covero Medium is half the width and same hight and the Covero Small is half the width and half the hight. Please see the picture and detailed specifications below.

The outer size of the VacuVita and Covero Large together is:
41.5 x 22.5 x 17.5 cm / 16.3 x 8.8 x 6.7 inch

The dimensions of the Covero Large:
41.5 x 22.5 x 16 cm / 16.3 x 8.8 x 6 inch

The dimensions of the Covero Medium:
20.5 x 20.5 x 16 cm / 8 x 8 x 6.3 inch

The dimensions of the Covero Small:
20,5 x 20,5 x 8 cm /  8 x 8 x 3.1 inch


Is the system dishwasher proof?

The Covero Medium fits perfectly in the dishwasher and is dishwasher proof. This is also true for the other individual parts, as well as the vacuum tube. The VacuVita cover itself contains electrical parts and therefore isn’t dishwasher proof. We recommend cleaning the VacuVita with a soft cloth and some non aggressive soap. We also advise not to put the Covero Large in the dishwasher and to clean it with water and non aggressive soap.

Can I attach food containers of other brands to the VacuVita?

Not at the moment, but we are developing an adapter that will fit the vacuum food containers of other brands, so you can use the VacuVita for all your food containers.

Is there a power cord attached to the system?

Yes, the system comes with a power cord. Because the plug of the cord can be visible, we will use a design plug.

Can the VacuVita be used in any country on any voltage?

The VacuVita is designed to be used worldwide and will be delivered as a one-of a kind model. All clients will receive suitable adapters for any country.

Is it possible to order additional adapters?

Yes, additional adapters for use in multiple countries with different electricity currents will become available as soon as the product is launched.

Does the system use a lot of energy?

No, the system works with low voltage and only uses a bit of energy when it is creating a vacuum. When the vacuum pressure is sufficient the system doesn’t use energy, except for the LED. Throwing away good food is the real energy waste because it costs a lot of energy to produce food.

Will the vacuum seal hold with frequent usage?

To prevent the seal from deteriorating the product will boast a high-pressure vacuum system, designed with a decent thickness of BPA-free plastic,  and an extremely durable rubber seal strip.

Aesthetics and usability are highly valued, while no compromises have been made on outstanding performance. Investing in a VacuVita system will let you become a privileged enjoyer of a one-of-a-kind food-saving experience, which will serve your needs for many years ahead.

5 - Colours and Sizes (4)

Do I get to choose a different colour for each container?

If you order a package via our new crowdunding website you can choose one colour per package? On our website www.vacuvita.com you can compose your individual order with separate Coveros and VacuVitas in different colours.

Can we expect more colours in the future?

We are considering to introduce more container colours after product launch.

Will you create a (semi-)transparent Covero?

Many requests for transparent containers have been received and they will certainly be treated with care. In order to keep the negative effect of light on food freshness to a minimum, different designs have been considered. Please stay updated via our website as any successful result will be posted promptly.

For now, it is likely that we will produce adapters for other types of containers for different brands.

Why do you only offer square-shaped containers?

We have considered different forms in the design stage of our product.

The benefits of square and rectangular containers are much greater compared to other shape conatiners. Possibilities for stacking and easy storage have been of key concern during the design of our easy-to-use products. Square and rectangular containers proved to be much more practical for storage and positioning reasons.

6 - Distribution and dealership opportunities (4)

How can I obtain a dealership or become an agent of the VacuVita assortment?

If you are a serious candidate looking to import the VacuVita products for a specific region you can send an email to: participation@vacuvita.com, stating ‘Dealership Opportunity’ subject title . Explain how you can import the VacuVita assortment, why you think there is a market for the product in your area and how your distribution is organized.

Can you send me additional information about dealership and cooperation possibilities?

Unfortunately we don’t do this. It is important for us to have personal contact with you before we provide additional information. In that way we can build a professional relationship with all our partners and distributors. All serious requests on particpation@vacuvita.com will be forwarded to the manager.

What can you tell me about the distribution locations after the crowdfunding period?

VacuVita is busy with the development of a distribution plan. VacuVita currently sees opportunities to sell the VacuVita in high-end retail stores and/or warehouses in the US and the Netherlands. Other worldwide locations may soon follow.

Is it possible to participate in the VacuVita project as investor?

It depends on the situation and the continued success and customer dynamics during the crowdfunding period. Of course we can discuss this. Serious requests may be send to participation@vacuvita.com, with the subject title ‘Participation Request’.Send a mail, written in English, to: participation@vacuvita.com

7 - Indiegogo related questions (5)

What do Indiegogo customers get as an extra for waiting?

In addition to the benefits described here, we will offer all our Indiegogo backers a set of FREE vacuum bags with a worth $ 25.

How can I order additional VacuVita products?

During the crowdfunding period you can order additional packages at a discount if you already are a crowd funding contributor. Separate items may also be ordered at www.vacuvita.com. We will deliver them at the same time as your first order, with no extra costs.  No guarantee on paired delivery can be given for any previous orders. Therefore, these orders can take more time. It is also possible we will not be able to accept orders and send packages to certain areas after the crowd funding period has ended until we expand to that region. Do you want to be sure to own a VacuVita system, you should order during the crowd funding period.

Could you tell me more about the expected delivery date?

The success of VacuVita has been overwhelming. Initial production and distribution plans have been adapted to serve all customers with the intended qualitative product, including potential additional products. Please accept our apologies as the delivery date had to be revised, which regularly is the case with crowdfunding projects. Taking some margin into account, our reliable roll-out schedule is as follows:

If I order through Indiegogo, how can I specify my order.

Before we start shipping we will contact you about this personally (by email).

How can I select the size of Covero I would like if I ordered the Medium/Small perk?

We give you some time to consider this and make you choice in relation to the needs applying just before delivery starts. Before we start shipping we will contact you about this personally (by email).

General questions (3)

What still needs to be done?

Together with vanberlo.nl we investigated the technical possibilities of the system and tested the desired functionality, without focusing on the design aspects at first. The design and financial feasibility has been completed.

To produce the system we need to make molds and plan the assembly. We have done this for many other products in the past, despite of technical difficulties, we will assure state-of-the-art design, detailed refinement,  and high-quality products.

We are currently developing offline distribution plans in the USA. Moreover, as our business grows rapidly, our innovation can also be expected to become available in stores outside the USA in the near future. Please stay updated via our website as soon as the crowdfunding period is over.

Can I call an employee of VacuVita?

Due to the fact that we are structured as a starting business, we prefer to contact our clients primarily through digital communication means.

We kindly ask you to send your comments/questions via e-mail or the crowdfunding website. For questions please contact salessupport@vacuvita.com.

If you believe your matter is urgent and verbal contact is required please let us know via jerome.vanderzijde@vacuvita.com.

I have more questions about the VacuVita system or the people behind VacuVita. Can I email you directly?

Yes. You can always send us an email at info@vacuvita.com. We are a small team and it can take a while for us to respond.